Big wheel axle kit

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This axle kit moves the axle up and forward to accommodate larger diameter wheels.  Axle can be reversed to move the wheels back if needed.  Available for 1" or 2" bigger wheels.  Now available Polaris offset axle 7 1/4 to 10 in wheel.   If you are planning on running the 10" wheel on a polaris with a 3" or 3.25" paddle then you will run into clearance issues with the back of the tunnel hitting the track when the suspension bottoms out.  Also fitting 10" wheels in with the 155" track will be too tight and there are fitment issues.  Possible this could be the  on 163 or 165.  This is a new product and we haven't gone thru every scenario yet so be aware if you order.   If you do order and it doesn't fit your application you can return for a refund less shipping charges