Billet Injector Cover.

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New Product!  Billet injector covers to replace the covers on the 2017-18 g4 850.  The factory cover has a 10mm bolt flange that over time fatigues and will break off.  This usually ends badly.  Injector covers were changed on 2019 model yr and have a much thicker bolt flange.  Unfortuneately you can't buy the injector cover seperately,  you must buy the complete injector which is very expensive and will require new injector files to be flashed into your ecu addding to the cost of the upgrade.   We now have billet injector covers available as a set or individually.  Longer grade 8 bolts are included.  Protect your investment with Powder Freaks billet injector covers!

***Crush ring inside the injector will need to be replaced.  This needs to be changed every time you remove the injectors from the head.  Crush rings available from your local BRP dealer***