etec 862 big bore kit

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This kit features ported cylinders from D&D Racing and a Powder Freaks billet head.  It produces 187hp! on the dyno.   This kit comes complete with everything you need to complete the install.  Kit includes cylinders, pistons, wrist pins & bearings, gaskets, rave valve modifications,  Powder Freaks billet head, & Powder Freaks thermostat housing.

Your old cylinders are required for core exchange. Your rave valves will need to be sent in for machining.

We only use the best parts available in our kits. No cheap offshore bearings or pistons.

If you already have our thermostat housing or our billet head and just need domes please contact us for revised pricing.

I ran this kit on my xm last season and it pulls hard!  Once your hooked on a bb you'll never go back to stock!

Power Comander fuel controller shown in picture is not included.  It is not required for high elevation riding.  

 $2850.00 cad  Approx $2185 USD