Polaris 940 BB kit

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Powder Freaks Polaris 940 BB Kit!  Now Available.  We did a full season of testing and tuning on this kit and it rips!  193hp with the stock pipe and 204.5hp with SLP twins.   Tons of midrange torque will make this the ultimate sled for the guys that like the technical tree riding.   With the SLP twin pipes the throttle response and power is so explosive in the midrange and pulls hard thru to 8400 rpm.   When comparing this sled to the Polaris boost last season at 7000 ft with the stock single pipe configuration top end power was very comparable.  The difference in the midrange was huge with the boost having a very flat midrange and very linear power curve versus the bb that would generate instant track speed and jumps out of the snow when you squeeze the throttle.   When we switched to the twin pipes the throttle response was even more impressive and power delivery more explosive.   

Kit includes cyls, pistons, wrist pin brgs, billet head, gaskets, cutting of rave valves, and ecu flash.  You will need to send in your cyls for core and rave valves for cutting and ecu for flash. 

If your thinking about a bb for this coming season I recommend that you get started early.  Getting cyls plated is taking longer that normal and I bring in pipes as I need them so there could be delays for some parts.  

Prices are subject to change.